Weiner Kingdom
Geographical Information
Type Sausage factory
Location Brooklyn, United States
Location Profile
Status Poorly managed

Weiner Kingdom is a fictional location in The Secret Life of Pets. The factory is located in Downtown Brooklyn, a neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn within New York, as implied in the film. The building is also where Max and Duke had a feast after they accidentally arrive in Brooklyn.


After they arrive in Brooklyn, Max and Duke are both hungry and want to find something to eat, but they do not get any food from pedestrians. Then, they decided to sniff around the road for food before sniffing meat and then finding the factory. They enter successfully as the guard is asleep.

They sit on carts at the production line and they see fresh meat is made into tons of sausages, so they gorge on sausages as much as they can. This scene is even interposed with an imagined montage of the two dogs in a sausage paradise with dancing and We Go Together singing sausages that Max and Duke eat. The factory scene is when the pair begin to bond over their journey. Later, Duke tells Max about his story and his former owner Fred, and they are almost caught by Animal Control officers. Max and Duke leave the factory and go to find Fred's house.