Weenie Ville
Weenie Ville
Geographical Information
Type Residence
Imaginary world
Location N/A
Location Profile
Status Sausage-infested

Weenie Ville is a place where The Sausages live. The location is full of things made of sausages, apart from few exceptions. It is seen in The Secret Life of Pets and the mini-movie Weenie.


Almost everything here is sausage expect the water, picnic cloths, utensils, grass and buckets. Other than that, the residents here are sausages, and so some other creatures, such as dog and fish.

The mayor of Weenie Ville is Frank. The world of sausages is quite similar to that of humans, as seen there are tattoo and piercing shop, trains, and other sausage-made vehicles, foundations and shops; the society is also multilingual as there are also sausages from Germany, Italy, and Poland.