Opening title
Film information
Film The Secret Life of Pets
Directed by Kyle Balda
Ken Daurio
Cinco Paul
Produced by Janet Healy
Chris Renaud
Written by Ken Daurio
Cinco Paul
Running time 4 minutes 6 seconds
Release date December 6, 2016

Weenie is a mini-movie that will be featured in DVD and Blu-Ray release of The Secret Life of Pets. It features the life of The Sausages.


The Sausages live happily in Weenie Ville. Once, a sausage named Timmy is so scared of diving, which results in him getting teased as a "weenie". Leaving the diving pool, Timmy sits on a bench beside, sighing. Frank, the mayor of Weenie Ville, happens to see the desperate Timmy, so he takes Timmy, singing "Every One of Us is a Weenie" and traveling around Weenie Ville to see the fantastic life of sausages to comfort him. In the end, Timmy dares to dive from a higher place and he is quite proud about himself.


  • Gregory Lastrapes as Frank
  • Scarlet Lastrapes as Timmy
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Additional Voices
  • Eric Osmond as Additional Voices
  • Tara Strong as Additional Voices
  • Cory Walls as Additional Voices
  • Jim Ward as Additional Voices


  • This is the only production in The Secret Life of Pets franchise that does not appear to be cannon, due to it being set in a fantasy universe.


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