It has been months that I watch The Secret Life of Pets. Actually I do have stories about pets in the real life, and here I would like to introduce them briefly. If you like my story, I can talk more later.

Though I don't like dogs very much, but my mother does. She is a dog lover since she was little, but currently in my apartment, it has been decades that there's no pets in the house, except a ecosystem ball with some tiny shrimps in it (which may reminds you the Sea-Monkeys, but I love them because the ball needs nothing but sunlight.)

My maternal grandparents are farmers in their whole life, and they have adopted perhaps over ten dogs and some cats. They were great friends of my mother and her siblings. There are still two dogs in my grandmother's place.

There are three dogs that are my mother's favorite. Their names are Alue, Alulu, and Bugo. Alue was a white dog with black dots over his body, and he is almost my mother's main "toy" when she was little; he died naturally due to aging. Alulu and Bugo resembles Max and Duke respectively, but their size are opposite - Alulu is bigger than Bugo. Alulu died because he was bit by a viper; Bugo in Chinese means "a dog [toy] made of cloth"; he shares some similarities with Duke, but his color is yellow and his hair is shorter.

As to cats, they only existed in my mother's childhood. My grandmother owned cats for catching mice, and one of them is my gramma's favorite because it catching ability was best, but it died because being trapped in a pile of firewood and unable to escape. One of another cats is referred as my mother as "The corny cat" just because its appearance isn't good, it died after she and her brothers pouring water on it and got sick (poor cat...)

Hope you like it!