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This article has not been given a name, as such, the name The Squirrels, is purely conjectural.
The Squirrels
Physical Information
Species Squirrel
Appearance Eastern Gray Squirrel
Personal Information
Occupation Wild Animals
  • Nuts
  • Throwing nuts at dogs
  • Climbing in trees
Dislikes Dogs
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets

The Squirrels are minor characters and Mel's enemies in The Secret Life of Pets.


The squirrels live in the trees, and one of the trees is in front of Mel's Apartment. As the result, everytime Mel opens the curtain and see the squirrels, he always barks wildly until the squirrels are out of his sight, though they are confused to see raging Mel through the window.

When Mel and Buddy are brought from the dog park in Washington Square Park by Guillermo, Mel shouts to the squirrels and Buddy claims that they marked the tree, only to be laughed and attacked by squirrels with nuts. Later, Mel is in Gidget's Apartment, before Gidget announces Max's missing, he thinks that squirrels are going to take over the world.

In Tiberius' daydream, he imagines if he flies with Gidget on his back, squirrels would be pertrified and easily to be caught.

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