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This article has not been given a name, as such, the name The Sea-Monkeys, is purely conjectural.
The Sea-Monkeys
Physical Information
Species Brine Shrimps
Sex Possibly Various
Appearance Brine Shrimps
Personal Information
Occupation Member of The Flushed Pets
Residence New York
Family Three Possible Siblings
Likes The Flushed Pets
Dislikes Humans
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets
Voiced by Brian T. Delaney

The Sea-Monkeys are three brine shrimps that appear in The Secret Life of Pets.  They are members of The Flushed Pets, a group of abandoned pets led by the evil white rabbit Snowball.


They were part of the brand Sea-Monkeys, being created since cysts. They were "flushed" when their owner noticed that they didn't look like the ones of the ad.


  • Sea-Monkeys is a real-life brand name for brine shrimp. The brand mainly consists in hatching and taking care of an Artemia nyo.
  • In real-life male brine shrimps have a second pair of enlarged clasping antennae, but in the film one of the Sea-Monkeys (which is male) seems to lack of them.


  • "Hey, it's not our fault we don't look like the ad!"
    —One of the Sea-Monkeys talks with Snowball.