Steve Cabin
Pops owner
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Personal Information
Occupation Pilot
Residence New York
Family Unknown
Likes Pops
Dislikes Unknown
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets
Voiced by Unknown

Steve Cabin is a man who is the owner of Pops.


Steve is a tall, ginger-haired man in a cream suit, olive-green slacks, a striped shirt, a green tie and a cream fedora hat and a green leather band.


He always leaves Pops alone in the Pops' Apartment, which makes his house a hotspot for nearby pets gathering together. According to the diploma (mentioned below), he appears to be a pilot so it explains why he is regarded that "he is never home".

The night of the day when Pops finds Max successfully, the owner goes back to the apartment eventually and fondles lying Pops tenderly.


  • There's a diploma in Pops' Apartment and it reads Steve Cabin works or had worked in Siladen Airways. Siladen is an island.