Physical Information
Species Dog
Sex Male
Appearance Bulldog
Personal Information
Occupation Member of The Flushed Pets
Residence New York
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets
Ripper is a Bulldog who appears in The Secret Life of Pets. He is one of the main partners of Snowball. He is a member of The Flushed Pets, a group of abandoned pets led by a white rabbit Snowball, who often rides on Ripper (but often fails cause of Ripper's small legs and slow speed).


Ripper has a screen that locks his mouth and some spiky leather belts bound over his body. He has brown fur with white stomach and mouth.


Ripper is completely mute throughout the entire movie; so his personality and character traits are hard to discern. He does appear to be very trustworthy and loyal to Snowball like the other members of the gang. To the point where he often lets Snowball stand on his head for support, ride him, and even appeared unfazed by him accidently shoving the carrot key up his nostril. He also reacts indifferently to Viper's sudden death. In addtion, Ripper always has the same look of anger and dignity on his face.

However, he does appear to retain the same hatred of humans and domesticated animals like his fellow gang members; as when he chases and crashes behind Mel, and Mel doesn't get hurt because Ripper can't bite him.


He first appears when Max and Duke are caught by the officers of Animal Control and Ripper keeps crashing the cage he is at, which terrifies Max at first. Snowball leads Tattoo and Dragon and they hijack the truck, while Snowball unlocks Ripper's cage with a carrot key, and then Snowball rides on him. When introducing themselves to Max, out of excitement, Snowball inserts his carrot key into Ripper's nose; after being convinced that Max and Duke are not pets, Snowball continues to go to the sewers on Ripper with them.

Later, when Viper suddenly dies, Snowball rides Ripper and tries to catch Max and Duke in the sewers, but he can't reach them because the two dogs eventually flee to Brooklyn.


  • His name is mistakenly pronounced as Reba.
  • An early name for Ripper was Stub.
    Pets ericguillon 049

    Concept art of Ripper.

  • Ripper never says a word in the movie. However, he appeared to make a small huff like sound when Snowball freed him.


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