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This article has not been given a name, as such, the name Reginald's Owners, is purely conjectural.
Reginald's owners
Reginald's owners
The family in the car
Physical Information
Species Human
Appearance White humans
Personal Information
Residence Brooklyn, New York
Family Reginald
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets

Reginald's owners are a family that live in Brooklyn, and they are the current owners of the house that Fred used to live in.


They are cat-lovers and are scared of dogs, so their pet is Reginald, a cat, instead of dogs that Fred used to have.


When the father drives the car with his family, Duke and Max are there and Duke barks at the family because he believes that it is his home, not theirs. Out of horror, the owners of Reginald go back to the car, and the father calls for Animal Control officers. Duke is caught so Max runs after the truck.


  • The family owns two cars, one blue and one green, and the green one's license plate reads EWQ2147.
  • [1]The kid is 5-years old.
  • The kid also strongly resembles Dennis from Hotel Transylvania 2. He also resembles Harris, Hamish and Hubert from Disney Pixar's Brave as well as Dil Pickles from All Grown Up.