Physical Information
Species Cat
Sex Male
Appearance Himalayan Cat
Personal Information
Occupation Pet
Residence Brooklyn
Family His owners
Dislikes Dogs
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets
Voiced by Steve Coogan

Reginald is a shady Himalayan cat, who is the pet of the humans who live in Fred's house.

Reginald is voiced by Steve Coogan.


Reginald is a Himalayan cat. His fur is dark brown on the back and light brown on the stomach. His ears' tops, tail's top and mouth's area are dark brown. He has dark brown color around his face too.


Reginald does not like dogs and does not want them to come in his territory.


After Fred's death, the house belongs to a new family and Reginald also lives in it, while Fred never owns a cat, which confuses Duke when he found where he used to live. He claims that Fred was dead, but Duke did not believe in what he said.



  • Reginald's voice actor, Steve Coogan, also voices Ozone in the movie. Ironically, they are both cats,
  • In the intro, a Himalayan cat strongly resembling Reginald is seen alongside other cats.