Pops' Apartment
Pop's party
Geographical Information
Type Apartment
Location Manhattan, New York, United States
Location Profile
Inhabitants Pops
Pops' Owner
Population 2
Status Pet-infested

Pops' Apartment is an apartment in New York, where Pops and his owner live.


According to Buddy, Pops' Owner is often away from his apartment, so the place becomes a hotspot; many pets gather and have a wild party.

When Buddy goes to the apartment with his neighbors, Chloe notices a cardboard pipe and takes a look in it, but her head is stuck in it so she tries to get rid of it. Her big moves accidentally hit Shelly, a kitten, and she runs on a treadmill before she got rid of the pipe. Then, she's thown into a dish washer, shot to a table of snacks and beverage, which makes her body full of Cheetos and her feet is stuck with cupcakes. The whole process is recorded by Peanut and uploaded to YouTube, and is shown on a Jumbotron labeled "Video of The Day" in Times Square.

The background music is Good Day by Nappy Roots, though it is briefly switched to Ringworm's Life after the End of the World by Leonard. Later, when Pops agrees to help Gidget to find Max, he announces that the party is over and he orders Myron to activate a vacuum so all pets rush out of his apartment.