Leonard is a posh poodle, who is a minor character in The Secret Life of Pets.


Leonard is a white standard poodle with a pink collar (red in promotional pictures). Just like other main pets, he is one of the residents in the Apartment Building.


Although Leonard has a posh exterior, he is actually a party animal with a love of heavy metal music at extreme volume, but he doesn't want his owner to find out.


Leonard lives with his owner, a male office worker, in a poshly furnished apartment. Though his owner favours classical music, he plays heavy metal music in the house out of his presence. He also attends in Pops' apartment for a crowded party. He switches the music to "Life after the End of the World" and rocks with the rhythm but another cat switches back to the original song, "Good Day", which makes Leonard upset, so he leaves.

In the credits, he invites many of his neighbor pets for a party in his apartment. The party ends when his owner returns, so all pets hide themselves while Tattoo accidentally crashes down from the ceiling with the broken chandelier.


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  • Once, Leonard was rumored to be voiced by comedian Adam Sandler, although in the actual film Leonard never speaks. This was later proven to be false.