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This article has not been given a name, as such, the name Guillermo's Iguana, is purely conjectural.
Guillermo's Iguana
Germo lizard
Physical Information
Species Grand Cayman Iguana
Personal Information
Occupation Pet
Residence New York
Family Guillermo
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets

Guillermo's Iguana is a blue lizard that appears in The Secret Life of Pets.


Pops agrees to help find Max, so he moves by various ways, including a big flock of pigeons. He and the other pets arrive in the balcony of Guillermo's Apartment, and Pops knocks the ceiling window; the iguana opens the window with its long tongue, so the pets enter the apartment easily and all the food on the table of the owner, is gone.


  • Though Guillermo is seen as a pet babysitter, it can be assumed that he owns the iguana.