Gidget's Apartment
Gidget Apartment House
Geographical Information
Type Apartment
Location Manhattan, New York, United States of America
Location Profile
Population 3
Status Pet-infested

Gidget's Apartment is an apartment in New York, where Gidget and her owners live.


Though the apartment is not in Max's Apartment Building, Gidget is quite familiar with Max and his neighbors. It appears to be in a same floor of Max's Apartment, because one of the windows allows Gidget to see and greet Max.

The color of the apartment and furnitures is mainly white and blue, making it look tidy and wide; a white closet with spaces allows Gidget to go to the top of it by going through different drawers. In addition, there are glass or acrylic stairs to a half-story high room with a door. When Max is missing, Gidget's apartment acts as an alternative place for the meeting of the pets.

Also, there are some paintings hung on the wall. There are different styles, such as pop art and abstract art, and the most apparent one is a portrait of Gidget drawn in the pattern of Marilyn Diptych.