Earlier owner of duke
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Appearance Old Man with white hair and white beard
Personal Information
Residence Brooklyn
Family Duke
Likes Duke
Dislikes Cats
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets

Fred is a character appearing in The Secret Life of Pets. He was Duke's old owner before Katie.


He had adopted Duke as a puppy and raised him lovingly, but one day when Duke ran outside the house to chase after a butterfly, he became lost and was taken by Animal Control and Fred seemingly never came for him. Although Duke is not sure about whether or not Fred would want to see him again, Max convinces him that Fred would rejoice upon seeing him again and convinces Duke to set out in search of his former owner. They arrive at the right house, only to find out from a cat named Reginald living there that Fred died after Duke left and a new family has moved in.


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