Physical Information
Species Pogona/Bearded Dragon
Sex Male
Appearance Bearded Dragon lizard with Spikes
Personal Information
Occupation Member of The Flushed Pets
Residence New York
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets
Voiced by Brian T. Delaney

Dragon[1] is a cold-blooded pogona, who is a minor character in The Secret Life of Pets. He is a member of The Flushed Pets.

Dragon is voiced by Brian T. Delaney.


Dragon is a green pogona, so there are spikes over his back. He has small sharp teeth and a big pink tongue.


Dragon is one of the main sidekicks of Snowball. Snowball appears in the middle of the road which the officers of Animal Control go by to rescue Ripper, who is caught and is confined in a cage in the truck. Snowball starts to attack one of the officers while Dragon and Tattoo control the truck; Snowball then unlocks the cage with a carrot key to free Ripper.

However, though Dragon is seemingly passionate to driving, the truck is out of control and it crashs in an alley eventually. No one gets hurt, and after Max and Duke convince Snowball to free them, Snowball leads all of them and flee into the sewer before the truck explodes.

Later, after the death of Viper, Snowball with Dragon and Tattoo again to track Max, and they find that he and Duke were at Weiner Kingdom in Brooklyn. So the three members of the flushed pets disguise as a woman - Snowball as a baby, Tattoo as a mother and Dragon hides in the clothes. Their appearance shocks a lady who finds out their real identity. Soon, they runs after Max, who is run after the new truck of Animal Control with Duke in it; Snowball starts to attack him when the truck stops, but Tattoo and Dragon are both caught by the officers.

Snowball drives a bus and crashes it against the truck, and Dragon is able to escape eventually. After they get back to Manhattan, they are spotted by Molly, who wants to adopt Snowball, Tattoo, Derick and him, so they escape to the sewers and leave Snowball behind. So Snowball is adopted again.


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