D. Fourrage
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Appearance Chubby human with black hair and beard
Personal Information
Occupation Works in Animal Control
Allies J. Menard
Likes Catching Animals
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets
Voiced by John Kassir

D. Fourrage is one of the officers of Animal Control. He is voiced by John Kassir.


He is the partner of J. Menard. When Max and Duke try to escape from Menard, he runs from another alley so they catch the two dogs successfully.

Menard drives the truck until they notice Snowball appears from the sewers and goes to the middle of the road with a carrot. So Fourrage leaves the truck and asks Snowball tenderly why he appears in the middle of the road, only to be attacked by Snowball. Tattoo and Dragon then appear to take control of the truck, so he has to run after it.

Later, he appears with his partner again with a new truck in Brooklyn, after they are called by Reginald's Owners. At first they catch Max, but Duke jumps on Fourrage so they catch Duke instead. Later, because Tattoo and Dragon are caught, Snowball drives a bus and crashes the truck, so the two officers are thrown out of the truck at Brooklyn Bridge.


  • D. Fourrage is named after a character modeler of The Secret Life of Pets, David Fourrage.