Community Garden
Community Garden
Geographical Information
Type Garden
Location Manhattan, New York
Location Profile
Status Pets-infested

The Community Garden is a location in The Secret Life of Pets. It is located in a modest corner in Manhattan, and Pops leads the pets to this place after they escape from the chase from The Flushed Pets.


After a long rush from the sewer, Pops finally finds a way out, and he is stunned by how Snowball reacts to them. Then, Tiberius tells Gidget that perhaps she can start to be with another dog and feels as if he were Max. But Gidget doesn't want to give up so she says dogs are best pets and so are they, though Chloe, Tiberius, Sweet Pea don't agree that they are dogs. Then, Gidget says that they are all dogs at the day so she rushes out from the garden, and her neighbors follow them.


  • The gnome from the film's preceding short film Mower Minions makes a cameo appearance in the garden.