Apartment Building
Apartment Building
The apartment building, home to the pets.
Geographical Information
Type Residential building
Location Manhattan, New York
Level Multi-story building
Location Profile
Inhabitants The pets and their owners
Apartments 7

The Apartment Building is the central setting of The Secret Life of Pets, situated in the outskirts of Manhattan, New York. The individual apartments serve as the residences for a large group of pets, whose owners are oblivious to their pets' daily activities.

Here, the apartment builing is referred to where Max lives. The Brooklyn Bridge and the downtown area of the city are visible from the apartment's rooftop. The place is a short walk away from the dog park at Washington Square Park.



The exterior of the building.

The apartment building consists of eight floors in a stacked structure, with seven apartments where the owners of the pets live. These apartments are connected by means of a green iron stairwell that the pets often misuse to visit other resident pets, hang out and even hold parties by inviting other pets.

The doors of the apartment somehow can be easily opened by the pets. In addition, in the morning, some pets are taken out by Guillermo, a pet walker, to Washington Square Park.


Many apartments

Outside view of the apartment building.

There are some apartments or places where the residents of the block live, listed here from top to bottom: