Animal Control
Animal Control
The Animal Control officers in their van
Physical Information
Species Human
  • Blue shirts
  • Dark blue trousers
  • Brown pouch
Organizational Information
Type Official organization
Role Catching homeless animals
Location New York
Base City Pound
Members D. Fourrage
J. Menard
Dislikes Abandoned pets
Status Service available
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets

Animal Control is a fictional organization in New York charged with local jurisdiction over the city's overcrowded animal population. They are responsible for responding to requests for help with animals ranging from wild animals, dangerous animals, or animals in distress. They appeared many times as the true main antagonists in the movie, trying to catch pets that have gone rogue, including Max, Duke, Snowball and The Flushed Pets.


Though Max and Duke escape an alleyway stand-off against Ozone's gang of stray cats, two Animal Control officers, D. Fourrage and J. Menard capture them when they run into the street. The two pets are placed within the Animal Control van, where they argue and then become depressed until Snowball frees them and Ripper and takes control from the drivers, which causes to make the van crash eventually.

Though the officers are injured, they appear again with a new van in Brooklyn and try to catch Max and Duke after they are called by a horrified worker in Weiner Kingdom, a sausage factory. They are soon called again by Reginald's Owners, who are afraid about Duke barking them at the lawn of Fred's House, though the house no longer belongs to Fred, Duke's previous owner. They catch Duke and later Tattoo and Dragon, only to be thrown out of the van after it is crashed by a bus Snowball drives.


  • When Max and Duke are being picked up by the New York Animal Control truck, the license plate reads GOTCHA 2, but the truck later crashes in an alley. Later, when the officers pick up Duke, Tattoo, and Dragon, the new truck with the license plate that reads GOTCHA 3.
  • The Truck that Snowball was driving into Brooklyn Bridge had a Sing ad on the back Sing is a movie produced by ILLUMINATION that came out a few months after the Secret Life of Pets


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